Most people are not reading a book in library.

1st edition: Deichman library Bjørvika, Oslo 2022

The background of the project is to see the body as a vessel: the body is subjected to external controls and societal norms, and its commodification in a consumer-driven culture. At the heart of this exploration challenges the idea of individual freedom and self-expression. How can a dancer's body, as a vessel, express the tension between being true to oneself versus conforming to societal norms and commercial pressures? This question transformed into dance performance where the dance material is shaped by the dancer's personal encounters. And as she explores, she defines and questions her own experiences through her body. 

Following score has been presented to the participants:


Start with observation of people.

Make a performance. Max 1hour.
The performance can appear and disappear anytime anywhere in the library.
Make decision collectively.

Entry point
Defining the encounter.
Questioning the encounter.
Encountering the encounter.

Main question
Asking about unexpected/expected
Unexpected: Something that you consider to not have a chance to occurring
Expected: Something that you consider to have a chance to occurring

How the unexpected expand?
When expected become unexpected? / When unexpected become expected?
Where the both unexpected/expected co-exist?
Translate/Transform of your question into movement, sound, visuality.

Take time for the score to give direction by itself.
Take time for the observation to suggest by itself.

Feel free to take note on score.

The ‘Main question’ is not to be answered: The ‘Main question’ is the task, notion, luggage that you carry along.

When you start produce something, forget about score.
When you feel lost, then coming back to the score.

Mis-understanding is welcome as far as you take care of the score.
Skipping the task is welcome as far as you have a urgency.

Work instinctively. When hesitation appears account that hesitation is instinct.

‘Clarity’ is more important then ‘image making’
Negotiation = Clarity 

-Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith (performance artist)

Sanghoon Lee

Emma Jansen

Costume designers:
Leonard Lundback
Mira Maud Nyback Leff
Espen Cook

Inga Margrete Aas

Janne-Camilla Lyster

-Deichman library Bjørvika
-Part of Short stories project