While they hesitate, time slips away

Material #1:  There is nothing so clear and you are so clear
Indecisiveness is the state of being that is often deemed inappropriate for stage artists. However, instead of representing them, we use these qualities as materials for our dance. It can be risky material as it easily leads to restlessness and insecurity. The dancers' curiosity and investigative nature will allow us to work with this material.

A question arises regarding the power dynamics that emerge when a group is established. The power can be both wonderful and horrific. Personally, I tend to avoid being part of large groups or forming them, as I often find the group's power unappealing. However, for this project, it's wonderful that the group forms, and we all know it will eventually disband. This awareness brings clarity and helps us appreciate the group while it's still together.

There is also a question of individual identity merging with the group. When the groupness becomes overpowering, individual personalities fade away. Finding a good balance is essential. So, how do we adjust this balance?

 'The movement has no definitive ending or it never reaches the ending. It never reaches the ending and the dancer knows that because she can foresee the ending and at the same time she actively deny to reach to the point of the ending. When the body denies finishing the movement, then the body enters the point of loss. What the dancer do when they lost is interesting. It reveals the dancer's personality, beliefs, values, and most importantly how they deal with their insecurity. A dancer decides to stay within the state of loss. I see it as a showing of the dancer's insecurity. Insecurity as it is. not try to fix it or not try to deny it but as it is. I found it beautiful. Encounter the body being exposed, feeling weak and exposed and stay not going anywhere. And there is no ending of the movement. Or it is forbidden by the score. The dancer needs to carry on to the next movement. This shift from one movement to the next can be a microsecond, or it can be expanded. I am curious to expand it without destroying the moment.' -Choreographer's Note  20220829


Sanghoon Lee

Jørgen Fenstad Kottum,
Cristian Sandoval Ronnby,
Karin Wang Brustad,
Katja weber,
Filomena Melim,
Maria viegas,
Pernille Øien,
Astrid Marie Lillehagen, 
Gjertrud Maria Moen,
Ingrid Konstanse Schade,
Marlene Martin-Bjørnsgaard

Performanced for ensemble project at Khio, Oslo,20220304

Material #2 Dialogue with uncertainty while the space is collapsing.

Initiation is pronounced, it continues until disappears.

What holds the space is not our intension, it is law of entropy: We are slowly, and continuously collapsing. 

With some reason, we can move against that law, we call it a beauty.

The uncertainty exists in parallel with the law of entropy. Often it is painful to allow it. 

Choreogrphed and performed by Sang hoon Lee

Work-in-progress showing for Greenfield, at STL, Tallinn, Estonia 20230405